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Give back everytime you shop!

Protect your skin and feel good about giving back and helping those with cancer.

As of December 2017 IZOL UV will be launching a new initiative in which 5% of all proceeds from sales will be donated to foundations dedicated to helping cancer patients. This initiative is key to accomplishing our mission of building awareness about the importance of skin health and helping those in need. With this goal in mind, we welcome hearing from cancer organizations and foundations who would be interested in our donations and support. If you know of a great cause, tell us about it! We aim to distribute our donations across various organizations and would love to support those charities which mean something to you!

In addition to donating resources to cancer organizations we also hope that this initiative will help us to raise awareness of the existence of anti-UV clothing among the cancer community. Too often cancer patients are not made aware of the choices that exist for protective clothing. By partnering with charities we hope to significantly improve the lives of cancer patients worldwide.

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