We are so happy to introduce you to Nathalie-IZOL UV’s first customer ambassador from Quebec. What is a customer ambassador you ask? As a dedicated customer, Nathalie provides her feedback on the different pieces in the IZOL UV collection, sharing photos and critiques based on her real-life experiences.

Nathalie first came to us in search of anti-UV clothing that would allow her to safely enjoy life under the sun, especially during travel. She fell in love with the chic style of IZOL UV’s clothing and quickly became one of our most loyal customers. Sharing our vision of leading a healthy and beautiful lifestyle, Nathalie embodies the values and mission of IZOL UV.


“Here are some photos of your wonderful clothing. They protected me so well during my vacation and I felt so chic. With my black swimsuit and your white shirt (ERIKA)  I looked killer!” - NATHALIE


“Because the fabric is light, I felt great. I never sweat and never felt too hot.” - NATHALIE


We are thrilled that Nathalie will be joining us tonight at the Montreal Fashion Preview Fashion Show where we will be sharing our collection on the Fashion Preview runway for the first time.

We would like to take this as an opportunity to thank Nathalie and all of our IZOL UV customers for sharing in our vision. Together we can raise awareness about the importance of skin health, all while being leaders in the latest fashion!

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