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​IZOL UV at the Montreal Entrepreneur Expo

IZOL UV had the honor of attending the Montreal Entrepreneur Expo earlier last month. The objective: to raise awareness about the existence of urban anti-UV clothing for those in need, such as those who want to prevent skin cancer or slow signs of skin aging, those with sensitive skin due to skin cancer, chemotherapy or medication along with those who work outside and are forced to be overexposed to the sun.

I sincerely hope that one day in Canada medical insurance will cover basic anti-UV clothing for people who work outside such as police officers, park employees, construction workers and countless others.

As the founder of the brand IZOL UV I am not only responsible for running my company, but also work hard to raise awareness about this concept of sun protection. I hope that other organizations and dermatologists will also take up this responsibility to make the public aware that such clothing and protection exist.

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