ANTI-UV CLOTHING-the New “hardhat” for Outdoor Workers

ANTI-UV CLOTHING-the New “hardhat” for Outdoor Workers

You wouldn't send a construction worker to a job site without his hardhat. A fireman does not enter a building without his protective suit. So why then are outdoor workers heading to their jobs under the blazing sun without anti-UV protective clothing ?

Here at IZOL UV we are alarmed at how few people consider the sun/damaging UV rays as a threatening work hazard. According to Statistics Canada, sun exposure and the related potential for skin cancer is a dangerous work hazard. For this reason it is no surprise that outdoor workers have a much higher risk of developing skin cancer than those who work indoors.

Last year we had the wonderful opportunity of attending the 2017 Quebec Occupational Health and Safety Convention . While it was very inspiring to learn about all of the great organizations, research and programs in place for occupational safety, it was also disappointing to see that sun protection did not factor into the general conversation.

Our goal is to change this and raise more awareness about the need for anti-UV clothing for those countless men and women who work outdoors every day, putting themselves at greater risk for skin cancer. If you have friends or family who work outdoors, we encourage you to talk to them about the need for proper sun protection - you can make a difference in their health and safety!

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