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How the Idea Was Born

Have you suffered the pain of blistering sunburn because you forgot to put on sunscreen? Perhaps you have been diagnosed with skin cancer. Or maybe you are concerned with the premature aging of your skin. I can relate. As someone with sensitive skin and an intolerance to the sun, I was constantly worried about selecting clothing that would protect and cover my skin. As a result, I was often left with no choice but to wear my winter cardigan or a long sleeve athletic top - as you can imagine, not the most comfortable or fashionable choice for my busy life in the city.

At this time I began to notice that the only choices available for UV protection clothing were either athletic wear or clothing specifically designed for the beach but virtually nothing for everyday life. Tired of wearing thick fabric too hot for summer and frustrated by the lack of stylish, practical choices I decided to create IZOL UV.

At IZOL UV our goal is simple : to create classic and urban clothing for men and women who care about their health.

With our unique clothing line, you no longer have to sacrifice your style for protecting your skin.

Design and Quality

IZOL UV is designed to provide maximum coverage for parts of the body most exposed to the sun's damaging UV rays. Our clothing line is seasonless, timeless and classic so that you are able to buy our models anytime you want.

Textile : What makes IZOL UV so unique is our carefully selected, specially designed fabric. Our fabric is chemical free and guaranteed to block 98% of the sun's rays versus only 7% of ordinary clothes. What's more, our fabric is luxuriously soft and breathable in order to keep you cool and comfortable any time of the year.

All our fabrics are imported direct from Italy and our products are designed and manufactured in Canada with love.

The Name Behind the Label

Founder Mahtab Azizsoltani is originally an artist who decided to combine his passion for design and fashion with that of leading a healthy lifestyle. When she is not busy working on IZOL UV's latest collection she enjoys painting and traveling. Living and working in Montreal, Mahtab is proud to offer a unique, Canadian-made product to the competitive global fashion market.