Sun Protective Clothing: the New Anti-UV Secret Weapon

Translated excerpt from original article published July 28, 2017

Because sun screen does not provide adequate protection from the harmful effects of the sun, there is a growing demand for and appearance of anti-UV clothing in the market. But why and how should one select such clothing? The Press explore this question and provide you with suggestions for the best anti-UV clothing so that you can spend a happy and healthy summer outdoors.

Founder of the company IZOL UV , Mahtab Azizsoltani (wearing her creations in the photo) strives to offer a more elegant and urban choice to those who are looking to protect their skin from the sun.

Protection with style. Newly arrived in the market of anti-UV clothing, the Quebec company IZOL UV sets itself apart by offering urban clothing meant for day-to-day life.

As her mission, the founder Mahtab Azizsoltani aims to educate consumers on the dangers of UV rays and to help them better protect their skin… all without sacrificing style.

After several severe sunburns to her arms Mahtab Azizsoltani developed an intolerance to the sun. Unable to tolerate the sun—even with sunscreen—she began to wear cardigans and bulky clothing to protect her skin.

Wanting to find a more comfortable and cooler option for the summer she quickly noticed that the only clothing to be found in the anti-UV section of a store was sports/activewear.

“The sporty look is very popular and a lot of people do outdoor activities-that's great. However, I couldn't find anything in the market that fit the needs of my day-to-day lifestyle.”

And so IZOL UV was born. Launched last year, the Quebec company-in which all of the products are designed and manufactured here-seeks to offer a more elegant anti-UV clothing collection to those looking to protect themselves from the sun.

From the beach to the city

First and foremost a good material needed to be found. It was while observing certain Asian woman at the beach, covered head to toe by their bathing suits, that the HEC Montréal graduate in Management had the idea to search for a textile traditionally used for swimwear.

The fabric which she chose, a mix of elastan and polyamide (sometimes recycled material), is imported from Italy. She hopes to be able to soon introduce a similar fabric but made in Canada so that her product can be as local as possible. “The fabric is tightly woven but also breathable and very light and silky” she says.

Self-taught (she is also a painter in her spare time), she creates and designs all of the models herself using simple lines and refined silhouettes which offer maximum coverage all the while remaining urban and chic. She also works closely with her seamstress to bring her models to life. High-necked shirts, long skirts, dresses, scarves, ponchos, and wide-leg pants can all be found in the IZOL UV wardrobe.

IZOL UV products are available online as well as temporarily at Neoshop Montreal.

Better protection for outdoor workers

Launched last year by the Canadian Dermatology Association , the pilot project Sun Safety at Work proposes that employers follow a program to help create a healthier environment for their workers who spend a large part of their day outdoors, such as providing them with anti-UV clothing. Those who work outside are 3.5 times more likely to develop skin cancer than those who work indoors-a subject which interests the Mayor of the Sud-Ouest borough of Montreal, Benoit Dorais.“To look at the health and safety of our employees at work , especially those who work under the sun, is part of our annual objectives.” And so it was after discovering the products of Ms. Azizsoltani that he decided to enlist her help to meet this objective. The order? Close to 180 anti-UV IZOL UV shirts for the 90 lifeguards in the borough to wear at the pool starting next week. “The majority of our lifeguards are young and so it is the perfect time to start protecting their skin.” This pilot project could lead to many others especially for other blue collar, outdoor workers such as landscapers.

Anti-UV Ray Sun Protective Clothing: Everything but a Scam
Translated excerpt from article published Monday, May 22, 2017

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Clothing defeats sunscreen
Over the past 25 years, the cases on melanoma have doubled in the country, due largely to ultraviolet rays. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, faced with the choice of clothing offering UPF 50 and a SPF 50 sunscreen, clothing is the best option as it ensures a more complete protection.

A limited supply for the time being
For the moment, UPF clothing is not commonplace and is often only available in sportswear. However, one young Montreal company, IZOL UV , recently launched a product line of high UPF urban clothing. Madeleine Goubau was fortunate enough to observe their production: “The clothing provides a lot of coverage and the fabric is light and stretchy, however these specialty garments do come at a price as they are all designed and made in Quebec” she explains.