Seasonless Collection- Sustainable and Timeless Solution

Our world moves at a fast pace-we all do. We have become so accustomed to expecting the newest styles and trends-yesterday. So why then, you might ask, does IZOL UV only produce new collections of clothing twice a year (in December and May)?

The answer is simple-our clothing is seasonless and sustainable . At IZOL UV we pride ourselves on offering urban and chic clothing that is both classic and simple. Our fresh, clean designs are meant to be timeless. For example, our feminine MAYA dress is guaranteed to look just as good this summer as it did last year. At IZOL UV we believe that good fashion is always in fashion-our pieces are meant to be in style year after year. What's more, our high quality, technical fabrics (are designed to withstand time so that when you buy from our collection you are not only investing in a timeless design, but also a durable, long-lasting fabric.

So often we fall victim to the dangerous allure of fast fashion that we overlook all the benefits of quality clothing. Greedily wanting to sell more and quickly, fast fashion retailers specifically change styles to target buyers to make them feel out of style in a matter of weeks. What's more, these retail outlets are producing such high volumes at cheap prices they don't care if their clothing falls apart after one wear-anyhow they expect you to be back to their store to buy a new and trending replacement piece. Worse yet, if products don't sell many of these retailers have no problem throwing away their unsold merchandise in order to “move” inventory and quickly produce “new” product. You will notice that at IZOL UV we do not remove older collections- we are dedicated to sustainability and refuse to discard pieces simply because they are “last” season. Similarly, we do not have the “end of season” blow-out sales so common of cheaper retailers for this exact same reason-our clothing does not have a season and is guaranteed to provide you with stylish, comfortable and quality sun protection whenever you decide to buy. (We do however offer a one-time 15% off discount when you sign up for our newsletter and join the IZOL UV family, so be sure to sign up today!)

Our clothing is classic but this does not mean that here at IZOL UV we are not constantly innovating. On the contrary we work hard to design new and innovative pieces with every collection. This December we are looking forward to offering some very exciting pieces, including a women's top with the addition of lace detailing-very elegant! Be sure to check back soon for our new collection!

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